WD     –     DP

WD-DP is a London based design studio founded by Dom Postlethwaite and Will Drye.
Set up after graduating from Product and Furniture design at Kingston School of Art.

We generate and develop ideas through experimenting, prototyping in our workshop and CAD Modelling. Our work, which ranges from small scale products through to exhibition design, aims to be simple and functional. Often highlighting an objects manufacturing process or material choice.

We take on commissions for both private and commercial clients as well as running self initiated projects.

Selected Exhibitions

100% Forward - nominated by Michael Marriott, 2018

70 x 40 x 50 - Ace hotel - London Design Festival - 2017

Manufactory - London Design Festival - 2017

Young Furniture Makers - 2017

Ready Made Go 4 - Ace Hotel - London Design Festival - 2018


MDR Gallery - Exhibition furniture, 2018

Its The Flash Pack - Custom bar stool collection - 2018

Ooho Water Cart - Portable point of sale and storage unit, custom built - 2017

Wonderland Agency - Exhibition furniture - 2018

Ace Hotel - Coat Hooks - 2018

Kingston School of Art - Furniture - 2018